Sunday, 25 March 2012

Smoothwall Guardian Unblock iPlayer Content

At work we use the excellent Smoothwall Guardian for our web filtering needs.
After recent issues I decided the box needed a fresh install as we were having a few issues which were undoubtedly because the install was over 4 years old and had lots of chopping and changing done to the config.

The new install went very smoothly as I was following our documentation and I am very familiar with the product (well you would hope so after four years of use). The only thing I couldn't get working was BBC iPlayer for our normal users despite entering all the domains I had entered previously. After contacting support the following solutions was provided:

Add the following URLs to the authentication bypass:

Now this is the solution I had in our documentation but it didn't seem to work.
The next suggestion was to open port 1935 for streams on the Firewall. Now I know for a fact that this hadn't been done before so god only knows how it was working fine on the old install.
Anyway I entered the new rule into ISA not thinking it would do anything but sure enough iPlayer content started working. To make sure I disabled the rule and Iplayer content stopped working.
So there you go working iPlayer. Now I believe this rule may need some refinement to limit it to certain sites as it may open a lot of other sites that maybe undesirable. I will work on that soon.

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